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23 March 2009 @ 11:09 pm
rules and guidelines;

As you have no doubt deduced by now, this is an off-topic community, meaning that the topics here range from the most controversial of subjects to the most tame ones. Because of the nature of this community, we have established some rules and guidelines that are pretty much universal.


This community has moderated membership, which means that when you try to join it, the decision to let you in will be decided by the moderators. You will not be accepted if your journal has no entries posted, you have no friends and you only use it to watch other communities. Other than this, you should be accepted.


1. Debate is healthy and very much encouraged. You are allowed to disagree with other people but please try to be respectful and try not to shove your beliefs down everyone's throats.

2. Questions of all types are more than welcome.

3. No trolling.

4. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact twirly, lastupenda, pilotspeed or birds.

5. This is an interactive community, of course, but making friending memes without asking the mods/asking for friends in your posts/asking for emails, msn, aim, ect isn't allowed. If you want to friend someone or know how to contact them, ask in a comment to them, but those posts are just not our cup of tea or else there would be several of them posted. If you make one, we will delete it or ask you to remove it from your entry.

6. The daily amount of posting per person is three, if you have a fourth thing to post, please save it until tomorrow.

7. You need to check the last page or two of posts before you post. Your question might have been asked recently. This keeps the community from getting spammed with stuff already discussed. This is why we have tags; chances are, the posts have been tagged and by checking the tags and checking earlier entries, this will cut down on the repeat posts.

8. We will be making a spam entry once or twice a week for everyone to spam the hell out of, but otherwise, since this is an off topic community, we don't need extra spam posts floating around (i.e. "lets talk about everything, post pictures, etc!" types of posts). The spam posts put up by the moderating team will serve that exact purpose. If you try to post one, we will delete it or ask you to revise your post so that it is more discussion based instead of an "everything" spam post.

9. We encourage you to tag your own posts. It's really not that hard to tag. It's not mandatory but we'd appreciate it a lot if you would.

Comments to this post are disabled, so if you have any questions or would like to promote another community or website, please go here.

Also, don't forget to pimp this out!